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Dry fruit chikki Recipe

Dry fruit chikki Recipe
Recipe type: sweets
Cuisine: Indian
Learn how to make Dry fruit chikki recipe at home. Yummy and tantalising chikki .Easy to make If you find this Dry fruit chikki recipe is useful then please share with your friends. Here we have given list of ingredients and procedure on how to make Dry fruit chikki recipe, so that any one can make this Dry fruit chikki very easily without any experiance on making this recipe.
  • ½ cup pista
  • ½ cup cashew
  • ½ Almond
  • ¾ Cup sugar
  • ½ tbsp ghee
  • 2 tsp oil/ghee
  1. Cut almonds pista and cashew into slices(slice them vertically or horizontally) Put 2 spoons oil/ghee ina pan and roast all sliced nuts.(use ghee they will be more tasty).
  2. put them aside In the pan put ½ table spoon ghee and sugar mix them and heat it.add just 2 spoons water (not more than that)to it.
  3. Stir briskly till all the sugar melts and turns into brown color.
  4. Add cardammon powder and saffron to it and mix well.
  5. Put all the nuts in this sugar mix and mix well dress a plate with ghee and put the above mixture and press it with puri making stick.(you have to flatten the mixture evenly in the plate.
  6. Like pressing a puri) Make cuts with knife.
  7. When it becomes dry and strong remove from plate and store in air tight box.
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