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How to Sprout Beans

How to Sprout Beans
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: Indian
Bean Sprouts are an extremely healthy and delicious way to enjoy legumes. Although sprouting can seem intimidating to some, it is really an easy process. Any whole bean can be sprouted – Mung, Garbanzo, Moth, Adzuki, Lentil, etc. Sprouts can be eaten raw in salads or cooked. Try this simple method for Mung Beans and be on your way enjoying Mung Sprouts.
  • Whole Mung Beans – 1 cup (yields 4 cups sprouted)
  • Water – 6 cups
  • Cheesecloth or thin dish towel
  1. Wash Mung Beans well and soak them in Water overnight.
  2. Drain all of the water from the Mung Beans.
  3. Soak cheesecloth or thin dish towel in water and gently squeeze out the water (leaving a little).
  4. Place soaked Mung Beans in a cheesecloth or thin dish towel and twist the sides of the cloth together.
  5. Place cloth with Mung Beans inside of a container with a lid. Do not use a clear container.
  6. Cover the container and keep it in a warm, dark place away from drafts. (Oven, in OFF position works well).
  7. Leave the Mung Beans for 2 days checking on them occasionally. If the cloth seems to have dried up, lightly sprinkle water on it to re-moisten it.
  8. In 2 days, the Mung Sprouts will be ready to eat, raw or cooked.
  9. If you don’t want to use them right away, they can be refrigerated or you can freeze them.
  10. Follow the same method for any type of whole beans.
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